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 Rules (Kanones)

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PostSubject: Rules (Kanones)   Rules (Kanones) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 27, 2008 10:00 am

- Welcome to L2J TITANS Role Playing Server !!!

!!! Players that dont comply to Server's RP Gaming will be banned from this Server !!!

- Please report problems & bugs to GMs.
- Enjoy the Lineage 2 Role Playing Experience !!!

Players Behavior

-Respect other players
-Respect L2.Titans Staff Members
-Do not Spam anywhere
-Try to be helpful
-Your Co-Operation Helps The community

In-Game Behavior
-Do not swear
-Do not spam
-Do not spam at trade [+] & Shout [!] chat
-Do not insult any Staff members
-Do not insult any Player
-Do not Impersonate a GM / Staff
-Do not use bugs, always report if you find any

Forum Behavior
-Do not spam
-Do not swear
-Do not insult any Staff members
-Do not impersonate any of Staff members
-Do not double posting
-Open topics that can help people
-Check Topic Options before post
-Always reply to a post in the correct section

Contacting with a GM In-Game

-Always direct your message in pm's to a GM, don't say hi, can i ask you?, etc
-Only server issue messages will take a reply from a GM
-If a GM has refusal mode use petition by typing /gm
-Invite a GM to your party if he didn't reply you via pm or petition
-Do not waste their time with anything non related with the game
-If a GM ignores you seek the admin
-All of topic pm's / petitions / chats gonna be ignored

Contacting with a staff member in Forum

-Always open a topic before you pm a staff member
-Seek help only for things related with server [game / forum]
-Do not send private messages to staff without any reason
-All of topic pm's / petitions / chats gonna be ignored

[b]*Bugs must be reported to GMs, if any player found abusing or exploiting bugs will be BANNED!!!

*Players CAN NOT ask from GMs items of any kind (adena for example) or any other help that is related with in-game character activity (teleport for example).
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Rules (Kanones)
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